Proscope HR2

Product Description

proscope2 features

The new ProScope HR2 features the new state-of-the-art, Aptina™ imager which was originally made for surveillance, with large pixels that take in more light than other imagers on the market. 

The most impressive feature is the ability to actually stream true pixels at higher resolutions. 

The ProScope HR2 is the only digital microscope in the world that can do this. Other imagers stream at 640X480 and only interpolate to simulate higher resolutions. 

The total effect in the ProScope HR2 is live video that appears to be 4 to 5 megapixels in clarity while only using an actual 2 megapixel imager. 

The new cobalt black handle says this is a serious tool yet the price point is equal to the previous ProScope HR, which will remain in the product line at a lower cost. 

 The ProScope products are currently used in tens of thousands of schools, universities, law enforcement forensic labs, manufacturing quality control, medical and tele-medicine since 2001.

  • Image sensor: 1/3 inch high resolution 2.0 megapixel sensor
  • Connection type: USB 2.0 High Speed
  • Image capture resolutions:
    • 320x240 pixels
    • 640x480 pixels
    • 1280x1024 pixels
    • 1600x1200 pixels
  • Video capture resolutions:
    • 320x240 pixels @ 30 fps
    • 640x480 pixels @ 15 fps
    • 1280x1024 pixels @ 3.75 fps
    • 1600x1200 pixels @ 2.5 fps